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CareSense: Your digital partner in your recovery journey

The surgeons and partnering surgeons of The Christ Hospital Health Network invite you to participate in an innovative digital program to help you navigate your care before and after your procedure and maximize your recovery.

We partner with CareSense, a third-party patient communication system to monitor your recovery and deliver important communications about your care including:

  • Reminders about your care including upcoming appointments
  • Educational materials about your condition and home treatment instructions
  • After-surgery care instructions
  • Surveys about your current symptoms, conditions, and concerns

Information provided via the surveys will help your provider track your progress and provide them with alerts about potential problems and make the appropriate adjustments to your care. Reported outcomes also help facilitate clinical research to improve surgical outcomes.

When you are scheduled for surgery, you will be asked to complete a brief pre-op questionnaire by your surgeon’s office asking about your general health, mobility, pain, and functional level. They will also arrange to receive CareSense communications in one of the following ways:

  • Email and phone call
  • Email and text message
  • Mobile app

If you have any questions about CareSense, or of you wish to opt-out from participating at any give time, please call your surgeon’s office.

Preoperative Total Joint Replacement Education