​Cancer Genetic Counseling and Testing at The Christ Hospital

The Christ Hospital offers genetic counseling and testing to:

  • Help people with a family history of cancer understand their personal risk for developing cancer

  • Help guide treatment decisions for people who have already been diagnosed with cancer.

You do not need a physician referral for genetic counseling or testing.

Convenient Genetic Testing

During your genetic counseling appointment, the counselor will talk to you about whether genetic testing is right for you. If you decide to have genetic testing, you can:

  • Have your blood drawn at The Christ Hospital lab

  • Provide a saliva sample using a convenient at-home kit

Test results are usually available within two to three weeks. The genetic counselor will contact you by phone or MyChart (depending on your preference) to discuss your results and what they mean.

Genetic Counseling for People with a Family History of Cancer

Genetic counseling can be helpful for people with a family history of:

  • Breast cancer

  • Ovarian cancer

  • Pancreatic cancer

  • Prostate cancer

  • Colon cancer before the age of 50

  • Other rare cancers, especially at young ages

Genetic counseling can also be helpful for people who have been diagnosed with multiple polyps in the colon (usually ≥ 9), even if the polyps were not cancerous.

During your appointment, the genetic counselor will ask you questions about your family and personal health history and talk to you about:

  • Your risk of developing specific types of cancer

  • Cancer screening, monitoring and prevention options

  • Diagnostic and treatment options

  • Talking with family members about their cancer risk

The counselor also will talk to you about genetic testing, including:

  • Genetic tests that provide more information about your risk for certain types of cancer

  • The testing process and the limitations and accuracy of genetic tests

  • Emotional, psychological and social consequences of knowing the test results

Genetic counseling can take place as part of a visit to the High-Risk Cancer Screening Clinic, but is available for people who are not part of that clinic as well.

The genetic counselor share will your test results and other information about your genetic profile with your provider. Your provider can use this information to develop a prevention and treatment plan, which may include making lifestyle changes, having more frequent cancer screenings or taking medication.

You do not need a referral for genetic counseling or testing. If you are unsure whether these services are a good fit for you, talk to your primary care provider or call our Precision Medicine Program at 513-585-3275.

Genetic Counseling for People Who Have Already Been Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

If you have already been diagnosed with breast cancer, genetic counseling and testing can provide helpful information to guide your treatment plan. For example, your oncologist may recommend a mastectomy instead of a lumpectomy based on your genetic test results. Or, if your test results show you are at elevated risk for other types of cancer, the genetics counselor may recommend additional screenings.

If your oncologist believes that genetic counseling and testing could help guide your treatment plan, they will let you know. Genetic counseling for those diagnosed with breast cancer takes place in the medical office building at The Christ Hospital, or virtual appointments can be done as well.

Is Genetic Counseling and Testing Covered by Insurance?

Your insurance may cover genetic counseling and/or genetic testing. Be sure to contact your insurance carrier about your specific coverage.

For More Information or to Make an Appointment

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