Genetic counseling and testing at The Christ Hospital

Many health conditions are hereditary. This means they are passed on from one generation to another through our genes. But just because your mother had colon cancer or your dad had high cholesterol, it doesn't necessarily mean you will. You may not have inherited the gene mutation present in your parent, and genetics is only one factor when it comes to your health. 

At The Christ Hospital, our board-certified genetic counselors can help you understand how your family's medical history could potentially affect you and your relatives. Their goal is to partner with you and your family in your healthcare journey to provide clear information in a confidential, emotionally supportive and educational way. If you are interested,  your counselor can help arrange proactive genetic testing to help you and your family better understand your risk.

Who Should Have Genetic Counseling?

The Christ Hospital offers genetic counseling for people with:

  • Cancer or a strong family history of cancer

  • Cardiovascular disease or a strong family history of heart and vascular conditions

Your primary care doctor or another healthcare professional can help you decide whether genetic counseling is right for you.
Beginning Summer 2021, we will offer prenatal genetic counseling for people who want to learn about their risk of having a baby with a genetic condition.

What to Expect at a Genetic Counseling Appointment

The genetic counselor will ask questions about your personal and family medical history to look for any risk factors. Then the counselor will talk about:

  • Whether genetic testing could be helpful to you and your family

  • The limitations of genetic testing

  • What testing costs are typically covered by insurance

Together, you can decide if testing is right for you. If you choose to have genetic testing, the counselor will talk to you about what's involved. You may be asked to provide a blood or saliva sample at the end of your appointment or return at a later time to do it. We also offer a convenient at-home saliva test option.

What Will the Genetic Test Results Tell Me?

When the test results are available, the counselor will explain them to you and help you and your family make informed healthcare choices based on those results. Our genetic counselors are trained to help with the potential emotional and social outcomes of testing as well, and can walk you and your family through your test results and any questions you may have. This can happen on the phone, via telehealth or in person, depending on your preference. You also can access your test results through MyChart.

Genetic testing is not always conclusive, and the results don't predict your future. Just because you have a particular genetic mutation doesn't necessarily mean you will get that disease. On the other hand, a negative result doesn't always guarantee that you won't develop a particular disease.

Genetic test results can be helpful to delay or prevent some conditions. For example, if test results say you are at higher risk for a specific type of cancer, your doctor or genetic counselor may talk to you about developing a plan for prevention and early detection.

What Does Genetic Counseling Cost?

Genetic counseling is available with or without a referral, and genetic counseling and/or genetic testing may be covered by insurance. Please contact your insurance carrier about your specific coverage.

For More Information or to Make an Appointment

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