24/7 Video Visits

Expert care, when and where you need it.

​Accessing care is now easier than ever, with 24/7 Video Visits - a form of virtual care (or telehealth) that allows you to see a board-certified physician or licensed nurse practitioner on demand through your computer or mobile device in just a few short steps. 

24/7 Video Visits are available for cold symptoms, rashes, eye irritation, or other common conditions that require the attention of a healthcare provider but not necessarily an in-person visit. They’re affordable, fast, secure, and don’t require an appointment or previous visit with our Network. 

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Conditions We Treat

Colds & coughs

There’s no cure for the common cold, but you’re not out of optionsespecially if it turns in to something more troubling like bronchitis 

Eye irritation/pink eye

You’ve got places to go and people to see. We’ll help determine if your eye issue is contagious and get you back to looking and feeling yourself in no time.  

Flu symptoms 

While we can't diagnose it virtually, we can evaluate your flu symptoms, and, if appropriate, tell you how to get tested. 

Sinus troubles 

Ugh. The pressure, headaches and stuffy nose. All you want is relief. We can help! 

Skin conditions 

Many skin conditions, like dermatitis, don’t require an in-person visit. Get assessed virtually, from the comfort of home. 

Sore throat 

Whether it’s caused by irritation related to drainage or the dreaded strep, we’ll get to the root of your sore throat and help you find relief.  

Urinary tract infections

We know urinary pain and frequency can’t always wait to be addressed until tomorrow. We can help – and order antibiotics if necessary.  


We treat dozens of other common conditionsIf we can’t help, we’ll connect you with someone who can 





Ready to get started?

​After downloading our app or accessing our service online, follow these easy steps:


Sign up

Complete a brief form (in our app or online) by entering your medical history, pharmacy and insurance (if available). You can sign up in advance, which allows you to be seen as quickly as possible whenever you do need a visit. Or you can sign up immediately prior to your appointment. There’s no obligation when signing up.   


Choose a provider

All providers are board-certified physicians or licensed nurse practitioners with special training in video health care. Simply browse the list of providers who are online and available for a visit, view their profiles, then choose one for your visit. 


Pay securely online

Many visits are covered by insurance – depending on your plan, age and time of visit. For those paying out of pocket (also called self-pay), visits are a flat fee of $67.  See our FAQs below for more details on insurance and pricing. We​ accept debit and credit cards for co-pays and self-pay video visits. 


Start your visit

The provider will ask about your medical history and symptoms before diagnosing and treating you. If you’re already a patient of ours, the provider will be able to pull up your full medical record. If a prescription is needed, it will be sent to the pharmacy of your choice. 


Receive an After-Visit Summary

You can access a summary of your visit through our app or online. If you’re a patient of The Christ Hospital Physicians, your provider will have access to the summary as well.  







“This service is incredible and affordable and convenient and it’s just…the best!”

“I’m laying in bed having a doctor visit. I recommend it to all. My prescriptions are already at the pharmacy.”

"The doctors are professional and so helpful. Thank you…you’re a life-saver!”


Will insurance cover my visit? 
What’s the difference between a Christ Hospital Health Network Provider and “Any Available” Provider?
What ages do you care for? 

24/7 Video Visits are currently available for adults and children 2 years and older.  

What do I do if I’m not sure if my condition can be treated via video visit?
How long does the visit last?
What if I need medication?
Can I access a video visit if I’m out of town? 
What if I need technical assistance?  
Can I schedule a video visit with my Christ Hospital provider?