​​​​​​​​​​​​Gia Chatbot: a virtual conversation about your genetic and personal cancer risk​

A brief virtual conversation about your family’s medical history with the Genetic Information Assistant (Gia) chatbot from The Christ Hospital Precision Health can help assess if you might be at higher risk for certain conditions, some that may be caused by inherited gene mutations that enhance risk for breast, ovarian, colorectal, prostate, pancreatic and other cancers. The HIPAA-compliant GIA chatbot can then assess if you might benefit from genetic counseling or advanced cancer screening than can help you lower your risk, maximize treatment options, and improve outcomes through early detection.

How Gia works

Patients who have an upcoming appointment with certain providers at The Christ Hospital Health Network will receive a text or email in advance of their visit with a link to the Gia chatbot and an invitation to participate in a confidential and secure Q&A conversation with the HIPAA-compliant evaluation about you and your family’s medical history. These patients include:

  • Those scheduled for an upcoming mammogram

  • Newly diagnosed oncology patients at The Christ Hospital

  • Patients with an upcoming visit with The Christ Hospital Precision Health with either an advanced practice provider at our High Risk Cancer Screening Clinic or with one of our genetic counselors

  • Patients at select offices with The Christ Hospital Physicians – Primary Care


You are encouraged to complete the Q&A session ahead of your visit, but many patients will also have a chance to complete it during your visit.

This chatbot conversation takes minutes to complete and is about your family health history with certain conditions that may be caused by inherited gene mutations. The information you provide will be recorded in your medical record to help you and your providers make informed and personalized decisions about your care. All provided data is protected both by HIPAA and the Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act.

Gia Chatbot

What happens after your conversation with Gia

Your answers will help to determine if you are a good candidate for genetic counseling, for a consultation with the High Risk Cancer Screening Clinic​, or both. Your information will be available in EPIC within about 24 hours of your chatbot session and your provider or a member of our care team will follow up to discuss the results and to provide the appropriate referrals. Patients recommended for the High Risk Cancer Screening Clinic will also receive a call from our nurse navigator to discuss options.

Your family history and your knowledge of that history can change (e.g. a family member with a newly diagnosed cancer), so it’s important to take a fresh look at whether or not you might benefit from genetic counseling and/or advanced cancer screening. That’s why those who complete a session with the Gia chatbot will receive an annual invitation via text or email with a link to complete a new conversation.

Have questions about Gia and genetic testing?

The Precision Health experts at our Genetic Counseling and High-Risk Cancer Screening Clinics are happy to answer your questions regarding Gia and genetic testing. To speak with one of our team members, please call 513-585-3275.

Learn more about genetic testing and the benefits of precision health. Should we have links to GC and HRCSC as well, or just the main landing page? I’m ambivalent.