Precision Health & Genetics

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Precision Health & Genetics at The Christ Hospital​​​

A simple cheek swab or blood test can reveal a lot about your health. Not just what’s happening today or in the past but mapping out a plan for healthier life well into your future. And for those already in treatment, it can reveal additional ways to optimize your care and medications.

You might have heard about a higher risk for certain diseases, illnesses or medication intolerances running in your family, some of which can be identified through genetic testing. Precision Health at The Christ Hospital starts with a conversation with one of our experienced genetic counselors, High Risk Cancer Screening Clinic providers and/or pharmacists. They will discuss topics such as your family history, your personal health goals, your genetic testing options, and how to optimize your medications. You share your genetics with your family, which means you might also share a risk for certain diseases or medication responses. In cases where an inherited risk is present, we offer additional services to blood relatives, some at no additional cost.

From there, Precision Health can provide you with:

  • A clearer picture of your risks for inherited cancer, heart and vascular, as well as other diseases, and risk mitigation and treatment strategies unique to you

  • Proactive screening for elevated cancer risks that can allow for earlier prevention, detection treatment planning for cancer

  • Insights for family planning, like the chances of passing on certain genetic conditions to future generations or having a child with certain birth differences

  • A better understanding of how you respond to medications to optimize your prescriptions and reduce the risk of side effects by using your DNA to show how your body may respond to specific medications based on your unique genetic profile.

Precision Health services at The Christ Hospital

Our Precision Health genetic counselors, high risk advanced practice providers, and pharmacists partner with your healthcare team to improve your care based on your genetic make-up, including existing conditions for which you’re already being treated.

Genetic Counseling & Testing​​

Our genetic counselors can help you understand your family’s medical history, evaluate your inherited risk for certain diseases, and help you develop a plan to lower your risk, or, if you are diagnosed with certain diseases, optimize your treatment options.

High Risk Cancer Screening Clinic​

Our multidisciplinary team can help you evaluate your risk for certain types of cancer, provide advanced screening and imaging for certain types of cancer, and help you create action plans to lower your risk.

Pharmacogenomics & Medication Management

Our pharmacists​ use information about your current medications and your DNA to determine which medications will work best for you. They work with you and your doctor(s) to develop a medication management plan to get the best results out of your medications.

Benefits of Precision Health include:

  • Knowledge and empowerment in your healthcare decisions

  • Increased survival rates

  • Better response to medications and lower risk for reactions

Start a fresh approach to your health by talking to one of our Precision Health providers. No physician referral required.
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