Senior Health and Geriatric Services

We all want to live our best life, no matter how far along we are on our journey. But sometimes aging brings complex health issues that try to slow us down. That’s why The Christ Hospital Health Network has a team of dedicated health providers who specialize in senior care.

If you’re sidelined by arthritis pain or struggling to care for a parent with challenging medical problems, you’ll find unmatched care and support right here in Cincinnati. We offer the region’s most comprehensive senior health services, including geriatric primary care, dementia care, home health services and inpatient hospital care. 

Whether you need to see a medical specialist or a social worker, our senior health professionals can help coordinate your care and connect you with resources. They share a passion for keeping you healthy, so you can fully embrace and enjoy this stage of life.

When is it time to see a senior health specialist?

Some seniors are as active and agile as they were 20 years ago. Others need complex care for chronic conditions.

Doctors called geriatric medicine specialists (geriatricians) are specially trained to care for older adults. They screen for, identify and help manage the wide variety of physical, mental and social challenges that may come with aging.

Even if you already have a primary care provider, you may want to see a geriatrician if you’re a senior who has:

  • At least one serious or long-term illness and take several medicines

  • Pain, weakness or other problems that make it hard to get around

  • Vision or hearing loss

  • Changes in your mental status, like confusion, memory loss or depression

  • Trouble with dailiy living or taking care of yourself

Most insurance providers, including Medicare, cover geriatric services – but check with your plan to be sure.

Outpatient senior health services we offer

Primary care for seniors

At The Christ Hospital Health Network, a group of our primary care doctors are board certified in geriatric medicine. They can oversee your preventive care, treat common illnesses and injuries and manage many chronic (ongoing) diseases through every decade of life—even in your 90’s and beyond. 

Dementia and cognitive decline

Our Health and Aging Center is designed to meet the diverse needs of older patients experiencing dementia or cognitive decline. It offers comprehensive health assessments, coordinated care plans, case management services and family education—all under one roof.

Home health care

We offer home health services, including physical rehabilitation and nursing care, throughout Greater Cincinnati. This is a convenient option for older adults who need help increasing strength, improving mobility or managing chronic conditions from the comfort of their homes.

Inpatient care for seniors

Geriatric hospitalist services

Our geriatric hospitalists work alongside treating physicians and other caregivers. They help make sure vulnerable seniors receive the right blend of care and comfort during their hospital stay.

Senior adult mental health unit

We have an inpatient mental health care unit for people 60 and older on our Mt. Auburn campus. It’s specially designed for seniors who have trouble with depression, anxiety, substance abuse or other mental health disorders. 

Our behavioral health and geriatric medicine specialists provide comprehensive assessments, diagnosis, interventions, evaluations and referrals. 

Complete care for older adults 

Doctors at The Christ Hospital Health Network treat many medical problems that tend to affect older adults. Whether you have achy joints or a leaky heart valve, you can count on our team’s expertise and experience. We offer: 

  • Audiology services to diagnose and manage hearing loss. 

  • Heart and vascular care for heart rhythm disorders, heart failure or other cardiovascular conditions.

  • Joint and spine care from nationally recognized orthopedic surgeons. 

  • Pain management services that may significantly improve quality of life. 

  • Palliative care services to keep you comfortable and help you cope during treatment for a serious illness.

  • Rheumatology care for arthritis and autoimmune disorders.

  • Urology or urogynecology treatments for bladder leakage, enlarged prostate or pelvic organ prolapse. 

Why choose The Christ Hospital Health Network 

If you’re looking for a healthcare provider who truly understands and prioritizes the changing health needs of older adults, turn to The Christ Hospital Health Network. Older patients and their family members trust us because: 

  • A specialized group of our doctors are fellowship-trained in geriatric medicine, a distinction that confirms their commitment to caring for older adults. 

  • Our Health and Aging Center, known for providing outstanding patient and family support for older adults experiencing dementia or cognitive decline.

  • We’re one of the only hospitals in the region to offer a geriatric hospitalist program, which ensures hospitalized seniors receive care that’s as sensitive as it is sophisticated.

  • Our home health professionals help make homes safer for seniors. They perform fall risk assessments, screen for safety issues caused by low vision and teach strategies for managing multiple medications.

  • Our geriatric medicine fellowship, a joint program with the University of Cincinnati, provides extensive training to physicians who have chosen to pursue careers in geriatric care.