Senior healthcare team at The Christ Hospital Health Network

Every individual’s journey is different, especially as you move into the senior years. 

If time has taken a toll on your health, happiness or mobility, turn to The Christ Hospital Health Network. Our senior health experts—including geriatric medicine doctors, geriatric hospitalists, geriatric-trained nurses, pharmacists, dietitians, behavioral health providers and social workers—can help you manage or overcome many physical and mental challenges that affect older adults. Their goal is to connect you with the treatments or support you need to stay active and independent in your later years. 

Learn more about the physicians who offer senior care through The Christ Hospital Health Network .  

Douglas H. Bauman, MDGeriatric Medicine / Internal Medicine
Matthew R. Biscotti, MDInternal Medicine / Geriatric Medicine
Jason P. Graff, MDGeriatric Medicine / Internal Medicine
Milla S. Karev, MDGeriatric Medicine / Internal Medicine
Robert S. Keyes, MDGeriatric Medicine / Internal Medicine
Andrea L. Melton, MDGeriatric Medicine / Family Medicine
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Mausi A. Okunade, MDGeriatric Medicine / Family Medicine

Additional providers

Click the link below for a comprehensive list of all geriatric medicine specialists who may practice at The Christ Hospital. 

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