Multi-generational and diverse women sitting in group with laptops.

​Let's Talk Ladies

The Christ Hospital Health Network's “Let’s Talk Ladies” video series features doctors from various specialties all throughout our vast network of excellent women's health physicians. During these webisodes, “Let’s Talk Ladies” physicians share their expertise and candid feedback about health issues that women encounter every day, from breast health to mom guilt to healthy planning.

Women's Physical Health

Watch this video gallery to learn more on everything related to the physical health of your body, getting an expert guide on how to navigate a healthy lifestyle.

Women's Mental Health

Hear from our physicians on how to take care of your brain, which is just as important as taking care of your body. These women share tips on how to live an all around healthy life.

The Christ Hospital Health Network Physicians & Facilities

These videos showcase The Christ Hospital's top notch facilities and physicians that staff those facilities, and provide insight from real physicians about a variety of women's health topics.