The Christ Hospital's Let's Talk team of doctors standing in front of a brick wall

​Let's Talk

We all have questions about our health. Dr. Google has a lot of answers but sometimes there is so much information it’s confusing to know who to trust. That’s why our Let’s Talk physicians shared their expertise and candid feedback to answer some commonly asked health questions they receive from their patients every day.

Women's Physical Health

Watch this video gallery to learn more on everything related to the physical health of your body, getting an expert guide on how to navigate a healthy lifestyle.

Women's Mental Health

Hear from our physicians on how to take care of your brain, which is just as important as taking care of your body. These women share tips on how to live an all around healthy life.

Let's Talk Live

Let’s Talk Live is a quarterly women’s event series focused on women’s health issues. A panel of Let’s Talk physicians answer questions from our live audience on topics related to women’s health such as menopause, breast health, mental health, sleep disorders, bone health and more.