Expressions & More

When you decide to breastfeed, you give your baby a healthy start that lasts a lifetime. At The Christ Hospital Health Network, we know that breastfeeding is a learned skill that requires patience and practice. We are here to help you succeed at breastfeeding.

Expressions & More supply store

To make it easier for breastfeeding moms to get the equipment and supplies they need, The Christ Hospital Health Network offers our Expressions & More breastfeeding supply stores.

Breastfeeding pumps and products

Ameda breast pumps feature fully independent CustomControl™ settings for speed and suction. Dual adjustability lets the mother select her best levels for milk flow and comfort, so she can create a multi-phase pumping experience.

The Ameda Platinum® Breast Pump is a closed system, multi-user pump intended to help mothers achieve more milk flow by enabling her to safely and effectively express and store her milk when she is unable to nurse directly. The Platinum pump is our top-of-the line product built for clinical use, but is also available for moms to rent and use in their own homes.

If you want to start right away, hospital grade pumps are available at no additional cost for patient use. The breast pumps can be delivered to your room while you are still an inpatient. Additional breast pumps are available for purchase for use once you leave your birthing center location.

Additional breastfeeding products include:

  • Disposable bra pads

  • Hydro gel pads

  • Lanolin

  • Nursing apparel (comfort bra, sleep bra and nursing camisole)

  • Washable bra pads

Sleep sacks

In an effort to reduce infant mortality rates, we support safe sleep initiatives for babies. We provide each family with a sleep sack to use at home. Additional sleep sacks, in blue, pink or cream, can be purchased for $20 each.

Store location & contact information

Mt. Auburn

2139 Auburn Avenue, 9th floor

Cincinnati OH 45219



6939 Cox Road, 3rd floor

Liberty Township, OH 45069


Additional services we provide include:

  • Inpatient consultation—inpatient consult with an International board-certified lactation consultant

  • Comprehensive resource guide—a free comprehensive brochure

  • Telephone or email support—our lactation consultants offer simple solutions to common concerns via phone or email

  • Outpatient lactation consultation—schedule an outpatient appointment at 513-585-2668 with a lactation consultant

  • Breastfeeding classes—both parents are encouraged to attend