Blood cancer and disorders care team at The Christ Hospital Health Network

At The Christ Hospital Health Network, the treatment of blood cancer and other blood disorders is a collaborative effort. You are at the center of our team. And revolving around you are many cancer experts who work tirelessly to help you beat cancer.

Meet our blood cancer and disorders cancer team

Manish S. Bhandari, MDMedical Oncology
Gina G. Chung, MDMedical Oncology
Robert L. Cody, MDMedical Oncology
Irfan Firdaus, DOMedical Oncology
Natalie B. Geier, MDRadiation Oncology
Rodney P. Geier, MDRadiation Oncology
Philip D. Leming, MDMedical Oncology / Hematology
Brian A. Mannion, MDMedical Oncology
Cornelia M. McCluskey, MDRadiation Oncology
Slobodan M. Stanisic, MDMedical Oncology
Robert B. Summe, MDRadiation Oncology
Jamie K. Waselenko, MDMedical Oncology / Hematology
Weiping Zang, MDMedical Oncology / Hematology / Internal Medicine