​​​​Urgent care at The Christ Hospital

When you spike a fever after hours or you suspect a small cut needs stitches, the urgent care services at The Christ Hospital are here for you and your family. 

The Christ Hospital offers urgent care services at three Tri-State locations

  • Fort Wright, Kentucky

  • Green Township

  • Red Bank Expressway.

Urgent Care Hours

The Christ Hospital Urgent Care locations are open 7am - 7pm Monday through Friday and from 9am - 3pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Walk-ins are welcome. During periods of high patient volumes, we may have to limit new patients earlier in order to care for those waiting to see a provider.

Our urgent care bridges the gap between your primary care physician and the emergency room, providing a streamlined care option for minor illnesses and injuries. Our physicians and nurses are all board-certified to provide comprehensive, compassionate care when you need it the most. 

When is it time to go to urgent care?  

It can be tricky to know when a medical need requires emergency room care versus urgent care. In general, urgent care is an extension of your primary care physician’s office, while the emergency room provides life or limb-saving care that requires a hospital setting. 

If you or a loved one are experiencing a medical emergency, call 9-1-1 or immediately go to the ER. However, if you are experiencing illnesses (like flu symptoms), a minor injury or symptoms that you would normally discuss with your primary care physician, our urgent care specialists are here to help you feel better quickly. 

Urgent care conditions we treat  

At The Christ Hospital, we know that occasionally you or a loved one will need medical attention but can’t get to your primary care physician. Our urgent care specialists are here to treat your family’s routine illnesses and injuries that need same-day attention. 

Some of the most common issues we see at urgent care include: 

  • Coughs, colds and other upper respiratory problems

  • Dehydration

  • Ear pain

  • Eye redness or discharge

  • Flu-like symptoms

  • Mild allergic reactions or asthma attacks

  • Minor eye irritations (pinkeye, styes)

  • Painful urination

  • Rashes without fever

  • Small cuts, bumps or abrasions

  • Sore throats

  • Sprains and strains

  • Vomiting, diarrhea or other gastrointestinal symptoms

  • Vertigo (dizziness) 

Urgent care treatments we offer 

The urgent care specialists at The Christ Hospital are here to provide a comprehensive assessment and diagnosis for adults, children and toddlers that are at least 18 months old. We know your life is busy, and we’re here to help you get better quickly. Some of the treatment options we offer at our urgent care locations include: 

  • Breathing treatments—nebulizers for asthma and upper respiratory infections. 

  • Diagnostic tests—we offer on-site lab testing for electrolytes, mononucleosis (mono), pregnancy, rapid influenza (flu), urinalysis and rapid strep. 

  • Imaging services—on-site X-ray imaging available Monday-Friday.  

  • Minor injuries—animal bites, insect stings, minor eye injuries, sprains, strains, simple bone fractures, minor abrasions and wounds. 

  • Nausea control—we will help manage your nausea and dehydration. 

  • Physicals—we’re here for all of your camp, sports, pre-operative or pre-employment physical needs. 

  • Splinting—we’ll immobilize the injured area with a splint to promote quicker healing. 

  • Suturing and suture removal—we handle any injury that requires stitches and also removal of stitches. 

  • Vaccinations—flu shots and Tdap (Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis). 

Why choose The Christ Hospital Health Network 

The Christ Hospital offers comprehensive, compassionate care in our three Tri-State urgent care locations. Our specialists are here to help you navigate a sudden illness or injury during times where your primary care physician’s office isn’t open. Our on-site lab services and routine X-ray services (Monday-Friday) to expedite your diagnosis and treatment. Our goal is to get you feeling better quickly. 

When you visit one of The Christ Hospital’s urgent care locations, your healthcare will be seamless. Our urgent care physicians are able to access your entire medical history through MyChart and also communication with your primary care physician or specialist for follow-up care. 

Visiting one of our urgent care locations can also help keep your costs low. An urgent care visit means lower co-pays and out-of-pocket expenses than a trip to the ER. We accept many commercial insurances and offer multiple payment options such as cash, check, credit card, medical savings plans and debit cards.

Other options for care

Need care for a common condition during off-hours? Check out our 24/7 Video Visits. Need emergency care any time? Call 911 or visit one of our emergency department locations.