Joint & Spine Physicians

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​As a COE patient, you have access to a select group of the very finest spine and joint replacement surgeons in the nation. The following physicians have been selected to participate in the COE program. To learn more about each of these physicians, click on their names below. ​

Orthopaedic Physicians

Jacob M. Gunzenhaeuser, MDOrthopaedic Surgery / Sports Medicine
Patrick G. Kirk, MDOrthopaedic Surgery
Edward V. A. Lim, MDOrthopaedic Surgery
Michael P. Palmer, MDOrthopaedic Surgery / Sports Medicine
Marc C. Schneider, MDSports Medicine / Orthopaedic Surgery
Michael L. Swank, MDOrthopaedic Surgery
Mark S. True, MDOrthopaedic Surgery

Spine Surgeons

Michael J. Kramer, MDSpine Surgery / Neurological Surgery
John M. Roberts, MDSpine Surgery / Orthopaedic Surgery