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Ease Back Pain With These Simple Steps

About one-third of people will have back problems at some point in their life. Here are some simple steps you can take to ease the pain or just stay ahead of it. Read More

Posted March 15, 2023 | By Anna, B-105 radio personality, and
Is Your Cell Phone Wrecking Your Neck?

Cell phones and laptops have revolutionized life in the 21st century, but bad posture could be doing long-term damage to your neck and spine. Jared Crasto, MD, shows why ‘text neck’ is a very real thing and how to prevent it. Read More

Posted December 01, 2022 | with Jared A. Crasto, MD, The Christ Hospital Physicians - Spine Surgery
Yes, Your Spine is Connected to Your (Cigarette) Butt

Smoking, and nicotine in general, is a back-breaker. Dr. Jared Crasto explains how tobacco affects your spine and why kicking the tobacco habit can speed your healing. Read More

Posted November 17, 2022 | With Jared A. Crasto, MD, The Christ Hospital Physicians - Spine Surgery
Bed, Back and Beyond: Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep

Poor sleep and back pain can go hand-in-hand. From mattresses and pillows to strengthening your core, physical medicine specialist Dr. Travis F. McClain shares how you can ease that pain and get a better night’s sleep. Read More

Posted August 26, 2022 | By Chelsie, B105 radio personality, and Travis F. McClain, DO, with The Christ Hospital Physicians - Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Answers to Common Back Pain Questions

How to maintain your back health when working from home, if it's okay for a friend to crack your back, what a chiropractor does, and how spine surgeons can help without surgery - we have the answers to these common back pain questions and more! Read More

Posted February 03, 2022 | By Ryan Seal, MD, The Christ Hospital Physicians - Spine Surgery
Finding Back Pain Relief

Landscaping, household chores and working from home are all reasons why you could have back pain - learn what to do about it from Q102's Jennifer Fritsch and Dr. Ryan Seal, spine expert. Read More

Posted November 04, 2021 | By Jennifer Fritsch, Q102 radio personality: and Ryan Seal, MD, orthopedic spine surgeon, The Christ Hospital Physicians - Spine Surgery
Journeying from Back Pain to Recovery

It's been nearly three years since having back surgery with John Roberts, MD, and patient Rick Joerg has been enjoying life again, from playing with his grandkids to gardening and working on his house, all without pain. Read More

Posted May 06, 2021 | By The Christ Hospital Physicians - Joint & Spine
Simple Ways to Prevent Back Pain

When Chelsie, B105 radio personality, began experiencing back pain doing chores around the house, she decided to turn to expert spine expert John Roberts, MD, for tips. Read what she learned! Read More

Posted April 08, 2021 | By Chelsie, B105 radio personality; and John Roberts, MD, The Christ Hospital Joint & Spine Physicians
Joint Protection for Gardeners

Learn how to protect your joints while gardening this spring and summer. Read More

Posted March 09, 2021 | The Christ Hospital Physicians - Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine
5 Mistakes That Can Worsen Your Back Pain

Are you making your back pain worse without even knowing it? Check out these five common mistakes that can worsen back pain. Read More

Posted March 08, 2021 | By John Roberts, MD, The Christ Hospital - Spine Surgery
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