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How to Survive the Winter Blues

When those gray, winter days settle on Greater Cincinnati, it’s easy to fall into a bit of a funk. B-105’s Anna talks with family medicine specialist Shelby Gardner, MD, to get some advice on kicking those “Winter Blues.” Read More

Posted January 09, 2023 | By Anna, B-105 radio personality, and Shelby Gardner, MD, with The Christ Hospital Physicians - Primary Care
Boost Your Mental Health with a Dose of Summer

Time outdoors can improve your mood and physical health. Learn the positive effects of natural landscapes while practicing sun safety. Read More

Posted July 06, 2022 | By Jennifer Fritsch, Q102 radio personality; and Aruna Puthota, DO, The Christ Hospital Physicians - Primary Care
How Mood Impacts Your Heart Health

A lot of factors contribute to heart health, from healthy eating and exercise to not smoking, but your mood can also have an impact. Read More

Posted February 01, 2022 | By Chelsie, B105 radio personality; and Thomas O'Brien, MD, Medical Director, The Christ Hospital Heart & Vascular
Managing Holiday Depression and Anxiety with Your PCP's Help

Feelings of anxiety and depression aren't uncommon this time of year. While there are things you can do at home to help, your primary care physician can also lend a hand. Read More

Posted December 02, 2021 | By Chelsie, B105 radio personality; and Kera Walter, MD, The Christ Hospital Physicians - Primary Care
How to Combat Seasonal Affective Disorder

Shorter days and less sunlight exposure in the fall and winter can cause depression. Learn the symptoms of SAD and when to see your doctor for help. Read More

Posted September 13, 2021 | By Christian Gausvik, MD, The Christ Hospital Physicians - Primary Care
The Facts on Dementia

When is memory loss normal and when is it dementia? Learn the signs and types of dementia and how geriatric specialists can help. Read More

Posted August 12, 2021 | The Christ Hospital Physicians - Geriatrics
Mental and Physical Health Benefits of Spending Time Outdoors

Learn how spending time outdoors can help improve your mental and physical health, as well as the scenery you can enjoy at each Cincinnati Park. Read More

Posted May 10, 2021 | By Monica Sullivan, MD, The Christ Hospital Physicians - Primary Care
Managing Depression During the Pandemic

As the pandemic and winter wear on, many people are struggling to take care of their mental health. Read what made a difference for podcast host Amanda Valentine. Read More

Posted February 01, 2021 | By Amanda Valentine, Certified NASM Weight Loss Specialist, Certified PN1 Nutrition Coach, & Pound This podcast host
Experience the Benefits of Meditation

Meditation has many benefits, including reducing stress and anxiety. Learn more and try this peaceful eight-minute session. Read More

Posted January 25, 2021 | By Tina Walter, Certified Oncology Yoga Therapist
Can Breathing Really Help Anxiety?

Uncertain times can cause many of us to feel anxious, tense and ungrounded. Breathing is a beneficial way to strengthen our nervous system and reduce anxiety. Learn more about breathing practices in this blog, and follow a short breathing meditation. Read More

Posted July 20, 2020 | By Tina Walter, C-IAYT, Certified Yoga Therapist
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