Melanoma and skin cancer care team at The Christ Hospital Health Network

At The Christ Hospital Health Network, skin cancer care is a collaborative effort. You are at the center of our team. And revolving around you are many cancer experts who work tirelessly to help you beat cancer. 

Outstanding doctors

From screening and diagnosis through treatment and recovery, you’ll work closely with an integrated team of cancer specialists. Our network of doctors includes some of the region’s top primary care physicians, dermatologists, medical oncologists, dermatologic surgeons and radiation oncologists.

Meet our melanoma and skin cancer care team 

Primary care physicians

Our primary care physicians are on the front lines of skin cancer prevention. If you’re overdue for a skin cancer screening, or you have a mole that has started growing or bleeding, your primary care doctor can help. They can also provide a referral to one of our dermatologists or other specialists. 

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Our dermatologists specialize in skin disorders including melanoma and other types of skin cancer. They help screen patients and perform a variety of diagnostic and treatment procedures.

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Medical oncologists

Medical oncologists help treat cancer using a variety of different medicines. These include chemotherapy, targeted therapy and immunotherapy. 

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Radiation oncologists

Radiation oncologists treat cancer with radiation therapy. They perform the latest targeted radiation treatments.

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