​Cardiothoracic Robotic-Assisted Surgery

Cardiothoracic robotic-assisted surgery uses a robotic "arm" to assist your surgeon's hands. Because these procedures are less invasive and more precise than traditional surgery methods, they produce fewer side effects and quicker recovery times. Their results are also often longer-lasting, which means you can go longer between repeat surgeries – or you may not need a repeat surgery.

The Christ Hospital offers more cardiothoracic robotic surgery options than any other health system in the region

At The Christ Hospital, we're committed to bringing you the very best in heart and vascular surgery care. By investing in the most innovative therapies and brightest surgeons, we deliver more cardiothoracic robotic surgery options than any other healthcare provider in the area.

Robotic-assisted cardiac (heart) procedures we provide include:

  • Coronary artery bypass grafting (heart bypass surgery) for coronary artery disease or heart attack

  • Mitral valve repair for mitral valve disease

  • Myxoma (tumors in the heart)

  • Adult Congenital Disease/ Atrial Septal Defects

  • Triscuspid Valve Disease

Robotic-assisted cardiac procedures are minimally invasive and have fewer risks compared to open-heart surgery. Instead of making a large incision through the breastbone, your surgeon only has to make a few small incisions in the chest. You experience less pain and recover faster.

In addition to heart and vascular therapies, our team also performs thoracic procedures with robotic-assistance, including:

  • Lung cancer surgery

  • Mediastinal tumor resection (mediastinal tumor removal)

  • Thymectomy (thymus gland removal) for myasthenia gravis or thymus gland tumors

Through these robotic-assisted treatment options and our multidisciplinary approach to care, you get the best possible outcome for your condition.

Could you be a good candidate for cardiothoracic robotic surgery?

Your individual condition and overall health status will determine if you're a good candidate for a robotic-assisted cardiothoracic procedure. Schedule a surgical consultation with one of our physicians to find out if you could benefit from robotic surgery.

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Your Care Team

Robotic-assisted surgeries are successful when they're performed by surgeons who are well-trained and experienced in the technology. Our cardiovascular and thoracic surgeons who perform robotic-assisted surgeries are well-known and respected in the region and beyond for their expertise.

Geoffrey A. Answini, MDThoracic and Cardiac Surgery
Jeffrey M. Griffin, MDThoracic and Cardiac Surgery / Internal Medicine
Saad M. Hasan, MDThoracic and Cardiac Surgery
J. Michael Smith, MDThoracic and Cardiac Surgery