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#GetPiggyWithTCH: Your Big Race Healthy Eating Plan

Training for a race or marathon means having your training regiment planned out weeks in advance. Don't forget to lock down your nutrition game plan as well with this schedule. Read More

Posted April 15, 2018 | By Bryn Mooth, Findlay Market Cookbook author
A Green Menu for St. Paddy's Day

Now that you’re out of college, St. Paddy’s day can mean a little more than “kegs and eggs” and we have a whole day’s worth of tasty and healthy recipes you can cook up to drive out your own metaphorical snakes, just like St. Patrick. Read More

Posted March 16, 2018 | By Healthspirations Staff
Healthy Eating Hacks

A lot of people think eating healthy is going to be expensive and time-consuming. Read why B105's Amanda Valentine says making smarter choices doesn’t have to be either of those things! Read More

Posted March 13, 2018 | By Amanda Valentine, B105 radio personality
6 Strategies for Healthier Eating All Year Long

It doesn't have to be a New Year's resolution for you to think about eating healthy. These strategies will help you upgrade your eating habits without feeling like you’re sacrificing! Read More

Posted February 25, 2018 | By Bryn Mooth, Findlay Market Cookbook author
Winter Warm-Ups 4 Ways

Struggling to stay warm in this weather? Try one of these quick, easy and guilt-free Winter Warm-Up recipes! Read More

Posted February 07, 2018 | By Healthspirations Staff
Apple Peanut Butter Breakfast Bars

Try out this tasty and wholesome apple, oats and peanut butter bar for an easy breakfast on the go. Read More

Posted January 08, 2018 | By Bryn Mooth, Findlay Market Cookbook author
2018: The Year of Healthier Choices

It's that time of year again, where we're all looking to make better choices as a new year lies ahead. Try these tips for healthy food swaps from Amanda Valentine, B105 radio personality. Read More

Posted January 03, 2018 | By Amanda Valentine, B105 radio personality
Snack Smarter, Snack Deliciously

Feeling hungry? Learn to snack smart with this list of healthy, satisfying snacks between 100 and 150 calories per serving. Read More

Posted December 31, 2017 | By Bryn Mooth, Findlay Market Cookbook author
Healthy Ways to Get More Protein

Foods containing protein are essential for a healthy life. Dr. Desai shares tips that will help you incorporate more healthy protein sources into your diet. Read More

Posted December 27, 2017 | By Toral Desai, MD, The Christ Hospital Physicians
Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Gain joy this holiday season, not weight. Try these tips to help you stay on track. Read More

Posted December 21, 2017 | By Robert Dressler, DO, The Christ Hospital Physicians - Primary Care
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