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Don’t Snooze on Getting Sleep Apnea Checked

Live in a home where you can hear someone snoring through the walls? Or maybe it's you? Q102's Jennifer Fritsch talks with ENT specialist Matthew Hensler, MD, about the causes of sleep apnea and ways to treat it. Read More

Posted November 20, 2023 | By Jennifer Fritsch, Q102 radio personality; and Matthew Hensler, MD, The Christ Hospital Physicians - Ear, Nose & Throat
RSV Poses Serious Risks for Newborns, Seniors

Runny noses, coughing, sneezing, fever. Respiratory viruses can be tough to tell apart. But one known as RSV can be especially dangerous for newborns and older adults. Family medicine specialist Dr. Benjamin Smith shares what to watch for. Read More

Posted November 10, 2023 | With Benjamin Smith, MD, The Christ Hospital Physicians - Primary Care
All the Reasons to Quit Smoking

Smoking can hurt you and the people around you. Learn all the reasons to quit, and tools that can help. Read More

Posted November 02, 2023 | By Healthspirations Staff
A “Breath-Giving” Procedure for COPD and Emphysema

Moderate to severe COPD and emphysema can literally take your breath away. For patients who increasingly rely on external oxygen, a minimally invasive procedure is opening airways and restoring their energy. Read More

Posted October 25, 2023 | With Vishal Jivan, MD, The Christ Hospital Physicians - Pulmonary Medicine
24/7 Video Visits - Care When and Where You Need It

A busy schedule can make it tough to get to the doctor when you need to. 24/7 Video Visits make it possible to receive the care you need, when you need it, no matter the hour. Read More

Posted October 15, 2023 | With Denae Butler, CNP with The Christ Hospital Health Network
What you need to know about Alpha-gal syndrome and other tick-borne illnesses

Increasing attention on the the tick-borne red meat allergy called Alpha-gal Syndrome is a reminder to be aware of other dangerous tick-borne illnesses and how to avoid them. Read More

Posted September 21, 2023 | With Thomas Lamarre, MD, The Christ Hospital Physicians - Infectious Diseases
Sam Hubbard and The Christ Hospital Health Network: Doing Everything it Takes for our Community to Thrive

Sam and his family have deep roots in Cincinnati and with The Christ Hospital Health Network. So he wants to celebrate the amazing work our team members are doing to improving the health of our community. Read More

Posted September 14, 2023 | By Healthspirations Staff
Air Quality Alerts: A Plan for Better Breathing

Smoke, smog, and other particulates have major impacts on our lungs, especially for those with asthma, COPD, and other breathing issues. Pulmonologist Dr. Krishna Gannamraj discusses better breathing across the seasons of the year. Read More

Posted July 16, 2023 | With Krishna Gannamraj, MD, The Christ Hospital Physicians - Pulmonology
Urine Trouble! Are You Getting Good Hydration?

Are you missing your body’s warning signs that you aren’t getting enough fluids during the day? Family Medicine specialist Dr. Shelby Gardner shares what counts as water intake and the dangers of not getting your daily fill. Read More

Posted July 12, 2023 | With Shelby Gardner, MD, The Christ Hospital Physicians - Primary Care
Migraine: When Headache Medicine Doesn’t Cut the Pain

Migraine pain is more complex than a headache, which explains why pain medicines don’t always stop the hurting. Physical medicine specialist Dr. Jennifer Chung shares how treatment like physical therapy and botox can provide additional relief. Read More

Posted June 12, 2023 | With Jennifer Chung, MD, The Christ Hospital Joint & Spine Physicians
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